How to do Your Eyebrows the Right Way

I’ve been wanting to write this article for a little over a year now because eyebrows have become a very big part of people’s beauty routines. When I was a little kid, I was, unfortunately, attacked by a dog, and I was bitten on one of my eyebrows.  Not that it was a giant deal – I still have two eyebrows – but it is pretty much impossible to make them look the same.  After years of practice and going to school with horribly plucked eyebrows, however, I finally figured out how to make them look great.   

Throughout high school, college, and reading every fashion magazine out there, I’ve seen just about every eyebrow shape there is and what looks the best. The one thing I have to say before starting on how to shape your eyebrows is to never shave and draw on eyebrows.  Eyebrow pencil is wonderful things because they fill little spaces that your eyebrow hairs do not cover up, but you should not use eyebrow pencils with the same thickness as those of cartoon characters.

Things You Need To Do Your Eyebrows:

  • Mini Scissors
  • Eyebrow Brush
  • Tweezers
How I do my eyebrows is very simple and follows a simple exercise.  When doing your brows, stick 
to your natural line.  

This simple diagram is the only thing you need to have to know where to start plucking.  The first thing I do before even picking up my tweezers or scissors is use my eyebrow brush.  This helps all the hairs get in their natural place.  Then, I use the brush and brush every hair up.  When you use the scissors to cut the hair only cut the hair between sections A and B because there is less hair between B and C.  

Some people say to only pick hairs between your eye and eyebrow, but plucking above your eyebrow gives you a more structured look and shapes your eyebrow better.  The first hairs you will start to pluck are the “unibrow” hairs.  Take your eyebrow brush and create the A mark.  You can pluck any hairs that are to the left of your eye.  

Your arch is taking your eyebrow brush and making a line from your nose that goes through your eye. This creates the B Section. The C section is a little different for everyone.  It is supposed to go from your nose through the end of your eye, but my eyebrows are not that long.

Once you have sectioned your eyebrow, the next part is the easy part. Well, kind of.  When plucking your eyebrows, it is always best to under-pluck than over pluck.  But even if you do over pluck them, it will always grow back.  When plucking, just follow the natural line.  

When you are done plucking, you can either be all set or choose to use an eyebrow pencil.  First, make sure you’re using a pencil that is the same color as your hair.  For this, always start off the light and then blend in.  

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