How to Sooth A Painful Sunburn

Going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do during the summer.  But when you get home and realize that you spent a little too much time laying on your stomach and have a giant painful burn on your back, is a serious letdown.  

Before you go out apply sunscreen everywhere, and even if it is an overcast day.  After you get of the water apply it again.  When the salt water is on your body you are more prone to burning.   

Take A Cold Shower

Taking a warm shower is close to impossible after getting a sunburn.  When you get home from the beach or wherever you got your burn take a cool shower and pat dry with the towel.

Apply Aloe

Aloe is the easiest way to cool down a sunburn, also aloe is great for acne.   Apply aloe right after you shower and 30 minutes before you go to bed.  


This step is the one everyone seems to forget.  Last week when I was at work I noticed my legs were so dry and peely from my sunburn.  Remember to moisturize after your shower and one more  time that day.  


The biggest part about this article is try to prevent getting a sunburn.  Some people, me included will get a burn because it will turn into a sunburn but I would rather be pale than be in pain when I’m trying to sleep.  

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