The Astronaut Wives Club Review

Last Thursday, while I was waiting to watch Rookie Blue, I caught my first glimpse at this new show called The Astronaut Wives Club.  

The Plot

I’m a little bit of a history nerd, but add a little scandal, and I’m pretty much addicted.  This show has a little bit of the best of both.  You get to learn a little about the space race, which was not taught in the school I went to.  But you also get to get the story of the wives that went through this with their husbands.  The Astronaut Wives Club is a 10 episode mini series that you should start watching right away, in my opinion.

What I Loved

The Writers and Cast
The best parts of the show are the writing and the cast.  The writing is impeccable because I feel that, as the audience, you really get to know the characters and how they feel throughout the experience.  Every wife experiences her husband going to space and the possibility of something going wrong.  But you also get to see a wife who is so in love with her husband that she works to make his dream of space to happen.  

The Wives

Pretty much every wife  has the same story – married to a military man-turned-Astronaut – but the wives themselves could not be any more different.  Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Rene Carpenter, is extremely motivated to be more than a military wife.  She wants to share her voice, but fellow astro-wife Betty Gleason, played by Joanna Garcia, is more than happy to be a housewife.  The wives’ differences are what make them a great group, and how they support each other is wonderful.  

The Shepards

My favorite marriage in the show is the Shepards.  It could be because Desmond Harrington, who plays Alan Shepard, used to be on Dexter, but the real reason they are my favorite couple is because I can’t help but stop giving up on them.  His wife Louise clearly loves him and stays with him through everything.  My favorite part was when The reporter asked her to join hi,m and he said, “You don’t get what you want unless you ask for it.”  She didn’t go with him and asked her husband to be faithful to her.  She said, “You don’t get what you want unless you ask for it.”  Even though I never condone cheating, Dominique McElligott, who plays Louise, is perfect in that scene.  

The Astronaut Wives Club is on ABC Thursdays at 8!

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