Sweet Summer Style

Classic Black Maxi Dress

A maxi dress could not be more of a key staple of your summer wardrobe this year.  It is the one very comfortable piece of clothing that you can take from 8 am to midnight.  It just depends on how you style it.

Peach Beach Dress

This is the perfect dress to wear to the beach.  The reason being is that putting on a pair of shorts when your bathing suite is too wet gives you kind of an embarrassing wet spot.  This dress is very flowy from the top to the bottom, so you are less likely to get it wet.

Jean Everything

A jean jacket or a button down is the perfect thing to keep in your car during the summer.  Jean is kind of perfect because it’s warm, not too heavy, and most importantly, adorable.  

Perfect Boho Dress

Summer gets hot, and sometimes it’s best to just throw on a dress and call it a day.  The best thing is this dress gives you the perfect excuse to rock the flower crown and some heart shaped aviators.

Palazzo Plants

Palazzo pants are possibly my favorite new pants, even though my dad always says I look like a hippie when I wear them. Palazzo pants are perfect for those nights on the beach. Not only do they keep you warm, but also they keep the bugs off of you.

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