5 Key Buys Of Summer

Striped Tee

For some reason, people tend to avoid stripes because they think that they are unflattering.  To be honest, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  This summer everyone should buy a striped shirt because it is the perfect thing to wear when you are running low on time and need something comfortable and easy to wear.

Lace-up Sandals

Even though I love my $5 flip flops these lace up sandals are a must for this summer.  They are the perfect shoes to wear when you are having a casual day but also want to look a little dressy.  

Palazzo Pants

I can not explain how much I love Palazzo pants.  Not only are they super comfortable but they are also adorable.  Palazzo pants are perfect for cooler summer days.  Tuck a tank top into the pants and bring a sweater in case you get cold throughout the day.  

Fringe Bag

Even though people may think this trend has come and gone, it is still a staple in summer fashion.  This is the perfect bag because it is very easy-going and not badly structured.  What I mean is that the bag flows with the wind or away from whichever direction you are going, unlike many bags that sometimes look out of place in the summer.  

Crop Top

This one is possibly the most important piece of clothing to have in your closet this summer.  Crop tops are more popular than ever. Also, they are perfect to wear with a high waisted pair of shorts or a skirt.  

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