Printed Shorts You Need In your Closet

Shorts, I feel, are the most overlooked bottom of summer.  Everyone loves skirts and dresses, but people see shorts as taking it easy and not dressing up.  Here are a couple of shorts that will take this underrated garment to the next level this summer.

Vintage Print

Vintage print shorts are a very hard find. Most shorts in popular stores are denim and khaki. When trying to find a cute pair of vintage shorts, look at your closest second-hand store or ask your mom. Yeah, I’m not kidding; you never know what she might have that she will never wear again.


Sunflowers are possibly my favorite flower this summer.  They are bright, and I think people look happier when they’re around sunflowers.  


These shorts are perfect for anyone that has a little hipster in them.  These retro shorts are perfect for a night out.


Whether you are vacationing in Hawaii or going to the movie in the middle of Idaho, these shorts are great.  What I love with these shorts is that you can match them with just a plain white tee.  If you want to make it look a little fancier, wear a white button-down tank.


In my opinion, finding a pair of great lace shorts is better than winning the lottery.  Well, maybe a scratch ticket; I would love to have $90 million in my bank account.  My advice is look at your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls.


Even though these are technically pants.  I just love the print.  What is great is these pants have so many colors that it makes finding a matching top easy.  Also, I just loved this outfit as a whole.  Many bucket shorts tend to follow your natural waistline (where your belly button is).  My advice? Wear a crop top with your bucket shorts.

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