Frankie & Albert Review

This past month I received A Frankie & Albert box and was more than excited about its arrival.  Frankie & Albert is a new company, that is a subscription service that sends you vintage items every month.  What makes Frankie & Albert different from any other home goods service is they send you vintage thrift store finds. 

What’s Inside

The packaging is very unique, every item is wrapped as if you where finding something in a museum.      What I really liked about the first set of homewares was how unique everything looked and was made very well.  The plate is not something for eating but a great plate for me to put my rings and earrings on when I’m not wearing them.  The two circles with stamps on them are coasters that are very cool, but I would be afraid of using them because I felt like the condition from my class would wreck the stamps.  


There is nothing I love more than a small jar.  The reason being is if something is smaller then my nail pretty much I always lose it.  The best thing about this little jar is it has a cork stopper to stop anything from falling out.  The glasses are very unique.  The olive color is great for a fall day with a cold drink.  

Wall Elephant

This was possibly my favorite part of the box and not just because I love elephants.  Like small items, my keys are a constant thing that are MIA from my life.  This is the perfect thing to put on your wall and hang your keys and is also adorable.  

Use the code DONTBECOMMON10 to get 10% off your order!

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