What to Wear to Every Type of Wedding

About two months ago, my cousin got engaged and in a few short weeks, it’s his wedding.  My first thought, when I heard that he was getting married was, “Well, it’s about time!” but my second thought was, “What in the world am I going to wear?”Formal Wedding

Formal Wedding

(Image from lookbook.nu)
With formal weddings, my advice is to dress sophisticated. What I love about this dress are the accessories. This dress not only has the gorgeous cut-out waist, but it also has the gold accessories, which make this outfit stand out.  

Beach Wedding

(Image from lookbook.nu)
Even though people say never wear white to a wedding, a beach wedding is one of the venues at which wearing white is acceptable and looks good. White is a great color on a beach, and it also protects you from the sun.

Backyard Wedding

(Image from lookbook.nu)
The best dress to wear to a backyard wedding is a sundress. The reason being is that unless it is early June or late October, you are going to be very warm. Also, sundresses are adorable! Do I need to say more?

City Wedding

(Image from lookbook.nu)
Even though people wear dresses to 95% of weddings, that does not mean it’s weird to wear pants to a wedding. This outfit is great because she’s wearing black, but complimenting it with a colorful, happy top.  

Boho Wedding

(Image from lookbook.nu)
I love boho weddings, and if I ever get married, it’s going to look like something from the “Free People” bridal catalog (Does that exist?). With boho, you can wear whatever floats your boat.  Play with colors and hues to find what would look best. Pick a dress or palazzo pants that have many different colors in them.  

Destination Wedding

(Image from lookbook.nu)
With destination weddings, it’s best to wear an easy, no-stress dress. The reason being is that in the morning of the wedding, you’re going to have to be figuring out how to charge your phone using the outlet converter. You also don’t want to worry about having a wrinkled dress, but no iron.  

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