Livie & Luca Back to School Campaign

It is very sad to say that summer is almost over. If you’re like me you are in a lot of denial that in two weeks you are going to be back to living in a shoebox sleeping in a twin bed.  Back to school commercials and campaigns always seemed corny and repetitive to me. However, this school year the clothing company Livie & Luca came up with a great idea that I love.
Their ads feature Cora Slocum, who is a four-year-old who has down syndrome. The company teamed up with Challenging the Face of Beauty, which is a non-profit that encourages using people with disabilities in advertising and media.
Cora is part of the #IMGOINGBACKTOSCHOOLTOO, which is kids sharing their pictures about getting ready to go back to school. The reason I thought this was so great is because you can see how happy Cora is to participate in it. Sadly, it is said that less than 13% of campaigns are used with people with disabilities.

Check out Livie & Luca

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