Fall Outfit Ideas

Even though I’m going to miss the 95 degree days of sitting out on the beach listening to country music, there is something wonderful about curling up in a blanket and drinking hot coco,  while having a Parks and Rec marathon.

Wednesday, September 23rd

Even though there is the fashion rule about not wearing white after labor day, doesn’t mean you have to follow it.  White with leather accent outfits looks great.  

 Thursday, September 24th

This is a perfect romper for before it gets too cold to have bare legs.  What I love about this is it is a perfect from work outfit.  What I mean is for the morning match this outfit with a black blazer.  You will look completely professional during the day and be chic until 3 am. 

Olive Dress

Last night my friends and I were walking around campus and saw pretty much everyone out dressed up and in heels.  Dressing up isn’t something that I feel like you always have to do, but once in a while it’s fun to throw on some heels and go to a bar.  It’s the first Friday of Fall, have some fun.  

Black Dress

Black on Black on Black.  I love the color black, even in the summer, but fall is the perfect time to rock it.  The reason being is the weather is not so dark and cold yet.  In winter try to stay away from dark colors because they can have negative effects on your mood.  But the leaves in fall will brighten your spirits so rock the black.  
Stay Cozy
Let’s face it, Sundays are always better when they involve not having to brush your hair.  Take a day to relax and be comfy, and catch up on your Netflix queue.  
Striped Sweater
Knit and lace are the perfect combinations for those lazy Mondays.  Lace always makes an outfit look more fancy and classy but is also super comfortable.  The oversize sweater compliments the shorts. 


I love this color for fall.  Out of all the seasons, I believe that fall has the best colors.  When the leaves change it is absolutely breathtaking.  Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of thrift store finds because some of those colors that were fashionable in the 70s you never thought would look cute, look adorable in fall. 

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