Taylor Swift Clothing Line

Taylor Swift is possibly one of the best-dressed celebrities under 25. It doesn’t hurt that she’s friends with famous designers and models! This summer, the news dropped that T-Swift  would be creating a fashion line with shirts, pants, dresses, and shorts. But there is a catch…

Taylor’s line is only available in China, sold on the e-commerce website JD.com. This news left me wondering what Taylor was thinking. She has millions of fans all over the world, so why just sell to one place and leave the American fans to make their own 1989 gear? Maybe she just wanted to create something that she loved, and avoid the criticism. The press in the U.S. can be a little ridiculous.

That being said, her line is causing a controversy  in China. The clothing says “TS 89,”  which refers to her initials and the year she was born. But according to a professor at the University of Denver, if people were to be seen wearing these clothes in a group together, the police would get involved, because it is seen as going against the government.

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