My College Beauty Necessities

Dry Shampoo

Last year, dry shampoo was possibly the best thing I came across in the drugstore. Let’s be real, when you’re in college, getting up two hours before class just to shower and blow dry your hair is just not a priority. The best thing about dry shampoo is that it takes about thirty seconds to spray it in your hair and brush through. Batiste dry shampoo is my favorite, and they sell it everywhere. Most dry shampoos leave white residue in your hair but Batiste doesn’t leave any of that unwanted residue in your hair. Gray looking hair is just so unappealing. You gotta try it!

Cover up

Okay, so this might be a little TMI, but if you’re in college, chances are you’ve ended up with one of these before! Hickies are the worst, in my opinion. Unfortunately, having super sensitive skin makes them look darker and last longer. If you don’t cover them up well, that meeting with your business professor is going to be a lot more awkward. I use Boo Boo cover up. Not only is it the best at covering up unwanted marks, but it also helps to heal the problem. Most concealers  makes the healing process longer, but Boo Boo clears it up within days!

Coconut Oil

There are so many oils that are great for your hair, but my hair is pretty thin, which means most oils just make my hair look more greasy, even after washing it three times. So I decided to try coconut oil, and I haven’t gone back since! I use it almost every night now, and it doesn’t leave my hair greasy. It feels nice and light, and it’s hardened, so there is no potential oil spill all over your dorm bathroom.

Buck Naked Soap Company Soap

Everyone gets homesick sometimes while away at school. . No matter how many tapestries and posters you hang up, you are living in a place that’s not your home. That’s why I like Buck Naked Soap Company soap: it’s homemade and all natural, so it adds a little homemade comfort/familiar comfort/homey feeling/ to a college bathroom.

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