9 Struggles Of Online Shopping

1. When Every Size your Could Fit in is Sold Out

Gif courtesy of animatedmeme.blogspot.com

This is the ultimate struggle of online sale shopping.  Whenever forever 21 is having an amazing online sale, you find that cute boho dress for only $5 then realize it only comes in XXXS.

2. “Free Shipping”

Gif courtesy of tumblr.com

Don’t you love when you get an email from your favorite store advertising free shipping, go online and find those shoes you’ve been lusting after, only to realize at checkout that you have to spend $200 to get free shipping.

3. When Your Item Gets Sold Out in Checkout

Gif courtesy of yourtango.com

Online designer sale are sometimes more stressful then your accounting final that you’ve studied hours for.  You have to quickly find something that is memorizing, quickly add it to your cart, add your credit info.  Only to realize that your order did not go through because it was sold out in the time it took for you to go through your order.

4. When Shipping is More than Your Item

Gif courtesy of mtv.com

I think everyone who’s ever shopped on Amazon has bad this problem.  When you find a wine opener that is only $1.43 and you think you’ve found the best deal ever only to find out the shipping for the item is $21 dollars.

5. When It Looks Way Better Online

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

One time I bought what I thought was the coolest vintage inspired dress online.  Only when it came I looked like I was wearing a curtain I stole from a colonial museum.  Then the worst part when they didn’t have free returns.

6. Getting Email Reminders About the Items You Looked At

Gif courtesy of giphy.com
The worst thing is when you are trying to be responsible with your money.  So you do a little online window shopping and add a few items to your cart.  Then a couple hours later you get that email, that you forgot something in your cart.  Note to stores: If we wanted to buy it, we wouldn’t leave it in the cart.  

7.  Being Judged By the Mail Man

Gif courtesy of makeagif.com
I’m pretty sure by now the fed ex, UPS, and mail man all know me by name.  The Fed Ex guy is actually one of my Dad’s friend from high school and said that a package comes to my house about every day.  Maybe that’s a sign I should stop for a little bit.  

8. When you Have to Wait Forever to get it Delivered

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

I thought the worse was ordering things from china was the worse until I came across Zulily.  Their prices are amazing, but It takes months for you to get your items.  I bought a pair of boots over thanksgiving break and didn’t get them until the end of my winter break.

9. When you End up Paying for Shipping and It Looks like This…

Photo courtesy of commishkit.com

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