Buck Naked Soap Review

I’m currently a sophomore at University of Vermont studying entrepreneurship. When I decided I wanted to have my own business, I started buying products from smaller, homemade companies.

One of my favorite sites to buy from is Etsy. Everything I’ve bought from Etsy has been wonderful and packaged perfectly. When you buy through Etsy you are supporting someone’s dream. I hope when I get the chance to open my business people will help me too.  

Photo courtesy of BuckNakedSoapCompany

One thing about college that I’ve always had a hard time with is making a place so far away actually feel like home.  Everything in college is very commercialized and generic.

I found a natural soap company called Buck Naked Soaps. The company is owned by a Canadian woman named Rina, I found her story interesting. Back in 2013 Rina’s newborn son had eczema, and most beauty products contain harmful chemicals that irritated his skin.  

Photo courtesy of BuckNakedSoapCompany

My favorite part about this soap is the way it smells. Some soaps like Ivory and dove smell like chemicals, but this soap smells just like its flavors. I chose the cranberry, mint, and Himalayan salt flavored soaps. The soaps are natural and don’t make you feel like you’re washing your body with watered down chemicals. Buck Naked Soaps also sells bath bombs, which are great for some relaxation after a long day of studying.

Use the code CARA2015 to get 15% off!

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