7 Things You Need to do This Autumn In Vermont

1. Go Hiking at Mad River Path

It seems like it would be too cold to take a stroll through the mountains in October, but after a few minutes you’re going to be wishing the weather was colder. Remember to wear a few layers, it can get chilly at the top.

2. Apple Picking at Shelburne Orchards

Even if you think apple picking is lame, you’re mind will be changed once you get to Shelburne Orchards. Not only is the staff extremely nice, but they have the best apple cider donuts ever.

3.  Get A Photo in a Covered Bridge

You might think this is a basic Vermont picture, but covered bridges are beautiful with fall foliage. Last year I found one on the recreation path in Stowe. They are a perfect place for an Instagram photo.

4. Bike the Burlington Bike Path

Burlington can get very crowded this time of year. It’s impossible to walk down Church Street without accidentally running into someone, but we only go to church street for the adorable puppies anyway. Burlington Bike Path is the perfect escape from the Burlington tourism.

5. Bake an Apple Pie Pumpkin Pie

No matter what people say about pumpkin being basic, it will never stop me from loving it. Head down to a local pumpkin patch and pick out a big pumpkin. Make sure to carve your pumpkin before you make the pie!

6.  Take A Walk at Shelburne Farms

Anyone who knows me knows I’m in love with Shelburne farms. When I become a millionaire I’m going to buy this place. Shelburne farms have a great walk where you can see the lake.

 7. Burlington Farmers Market

This is one of my favorite Saturday activities, and not just because they have great free food. It’s a great place to interact with the community and meet all the local vendors.

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