Must Haves For October

This week has been the first week in a while that I’ve even had to think about leaving my dorm with a sweatshirt and that kinda makes me a little sad that summer is over. Getting into the transition to cooler weather can be a little sad, but her of some things to make your October a little better.


Why Not Me By Mindy Kaling

If you don’t already know, I’m a little obsessed with Mindy Kaling.  I think she is hilarious, has gorgeous style, and I also want her to adopt me.  I bought her book and even know I’ve only had time to read the first chapter, Mindy I would totally share skittles with you. 



Instagram has slowly become one of my least favorite apps.  It use to be great, but it has turned into this popularity contest for who can get the most likes and comments.  Isn’t this app suppose to be about taking great photos and sharing your creativity?

VSCOcam is great because there and no follower ratio and you don’t like photos.   What you do differently is you save pictures you like to an album and the photos are so much better than the ones you see on instagram.  
What I like about this app is, you actually want to look at the photos after you saved them.  When have you ever looked at the photos you’ve liked on Instagram.  The only reason why you like photos on Instagram is to please your friends, let’s be honest. 


Cable Knit Sweaters

Sweaters are a must need for fall.  I work till midnight in northern Vermont and at the end of the night I can barely feel my toes.  But when I go home I get into my cozy cable knit sweater and all is right in the world. 

Jean Jacket

Photo courtesy of
Yes I realize that jean jackets seem to be in fashion since the 70s, but they are great for chilly fall days.  You can easily throw a sweater on under it and it looks great and cozy.

Large Vintage Scarf

Photo courtesy of
Large scarfs are honestly better than having a significant other in fall.  Where I go to school it’s only October and I think I’ve already got a cold from being outside too long in the cold weather.  Scarfs are perfect because they are fashionable and also keep you warm.


Color Ombre

Photo courtesy of 
I just recently cut off all my blonde hair and cut it short.  Right after I did that I saw this colored ombre hair which I wish I died the blonde a color and cut it this short.  Remember a couple of years ago when dip-dyed tips were in fashion?  This is a little like tips but more of your hair is dyed.

Grey Hair

Photo courtesy of
I will forever want to dye my hair gray.  The reason why this hair color is a must for fall is because I think the dark gray matches well with the deep fall colors.  Fall is all about rich colors, and I believe this hair color compliments it well.

Short hair

Short hair is taking over.  The best part about the colder weather and short hair is it takes a lot less time to dry.  Nothing is worse then going outside in 20 degree weather with a 25 mile and hour wind chill.  Keep is short and rock it. 


Septum Piercing

Photo courtesy of

I’m not telling you to walk outside your house right now and get your septum pierced, but if you want to then go for it.  I honestly think if you can pull it off rock it.  And you can always take it out.

Dark Lips

Usually I’m never someone to say I think dark makeup looks cool, but for some reason I think rocking the dark red lips and smoky eye in fall looks amazing.  This fall work with the darker colors and mix your blacks and grays.  

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