LongJohn Longboards Review

If you know me, you know I like to try new things. Usually, I don’t go crazier than trying a new kind of sushi. But this time, I decided to learn a new skill and didn’t break my arm so it was definitely worth it.

LongJohn Longboards

This company has been crafting high-quality longboards since 2008. All their products are earth friendly and are made with the highest quality materials. Their boards are made of Baltic Birch plywood. This type of plywood  is harvested from managed forests and like other hardwoods, Baltic Birch has no voids.


The deck I got was the 47 1/2 avalanche custom in red gum. This deck is thicker in the front than in the back. In my opinion, this helps with the stability of the board, making it feel more secure when going down hills. I think anyone who has ever gone down a hill and thought, “Oh, this might not end  well” would see this board helps to lessen that feeling.  It was more stable than any other board I’ve used.  


The trucks were the Paris black and silver 180mm. Even though trucks are not as important as the wheels, it is still something you have to consider when buying a board. Because this board is for more than going  from place A to place B in style, you want to get trucks like these because they are more for mobility than for tricks.    


The wheels were the vent clear blue Seismic speed vent 73/80a. My experience with boarding is on my old penny board. My penny board is a little shaky to say the least. I felt more stable on this board especially being in Burlington, Vermont; this board was great for going down hills or should I say mountains. 


The bearings were the rush ceramic all weather bearings. What I love about this and also living in Burlington is I have to worry less about things falling apart. Cold weather destroys everything and with the winter we had last year, it’s great knowing I have a great product if I want to take a little winter ride. 

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