My Favorite 2015 Halloween Costumes

During Halloween, there’s a lot of post about easy and simple costumes.  The thing is this Halloween I’m in the middle of class on a Friday and I still don’t know what I’m going to be.  I wanted to highlight a couple of costumes that are beautiful and how to make them last minute.

Crow Queen

This is this years “trend costume”.  If you’re thinking the same thing I was which was “What is a Crow Queen?”.  Long story short I googled it and still could not figure it out.  For this costume, to make it simple wear a black dress, put your hair in a low braid and add a flower.  This costume does look complicated and that it would take hours, but it really isn’t.  

 Wednesday Addams

If you want to go for a more traditional scary Halloween outfit go with the Wednesday Addams choice.  To make this easy wear a collards shirt under a black dress, and all you have to do with your hair is put it in two pony tails.  

Classic Skull

This is one of my favorite classic easy Halloween costumes.  All you need it white makeup and some eyeliner.  For the outfit, dress like a bad ass.  Even if you don’t have a leather jacket, there are so many more options.  Even wearing a simple flannel will look great.  


For this costume, you just need to make a quick stop at wall mart for some colored hair dye.   For the outfit wear a cute baseball tee and spandex.  

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