Best Way to Decorate your Dorm For the Holidays

Halloween and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite holidays, and not just because it gives me an excuse to eat all the chocolate and turkey I want. I also love it because it gives me a reason to completely redecorate my dorm room. If your looking for an easy way to decorate your room for the holidays check out Banners Loft.

The problem with decorating your dorm room is they have so many restrictions to what you can and can’t put on your walls. I found this great company on Etsy that can make your dorm room look great for any holiday!

What I got to decorate my dorm room was the Happy Halloween and the trick or treat banner. What I love most about these banners is they were so easy to set up and even better to put away. The worse thing is you get a good Halloween decoration only for it to last one season.

These were packed tightly so nothing got ripped or poked. The other thing was all the letters were still in tact; I was worried one of them would fall out from the string, but it was perfect. These are a great addition to dorm rooms and my roommates loved them!

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