9 Free People DIY Accessories

I love Free People don’t get me wrong, but their prices are something that I hope when I’m 30 I can afford. When you’re in college there’s other expenses that comes first like Ben and Jerry’s and wine. Here are some easy DIY’s to get your favorite Free People inspired accessories for a lot less.

1. Patterned Shoes

All you need to get these one of a kind adorable shoes is some white sneakers and some fabric markers.

 2. Boho Boots

Super Glue and some vintage ropes and chains will be your new best friends after you get done with this DIY. 

3. Simple Anklet

This cute wishbone anklet will give you good luck even on your darkest days. 

4. Cute iPhone Charger

If having a plain iPhone cord is not satisfying you, try this DIY to have a one of kind cord.

 5. Elegant Earring

This DIY ear cuff is perfect for a fancy Friday night out. 

6. Sparkle Boots

This is a great DIY, if you want to reinvent your boots from last year. 

7. Rope and Gold Bracelet

A cute gold chain, some embroidery thread and scissors is all you need for this DIY. 

8. Feather and Floppy Hat

Amp up your fall wardrobe with this adorable yet fierce hat. 

9. Boho Yoga Mat Bag

You will be the most fashionable yogi with this bag. 

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