5 Unique Ways to Use a Scarf

Scarves are something that I feel people see only have one purpose – to wear it around your neck – but scarves have so many different uses that are pretty sweet.
In this article I’m using a scarf from Shovana, a company from Kazakhstan.  One downfall some scarfs have is they are not made that well.  You wear it once and the side of it starts to tear and then you’re out $50.  These scarfs are made wonderfully and are also super soft.    
One of my favorite things about this scarf which might be pretty obvious is how pretty it is.  The colors and design looks exactly as pictured if not better.  The reason why I choose this one was because of the wing span but also the he flowers.  Even though I’m so petrified of birds I think they are gorgeous (from very faraway distances)

1. Wear it Around Your Neck

Probably one of the most common ways to wear a scarf, but there are hundreds of ways to wear a scarf that you may not know of. What I like about wearing this scarf this way is you get to fully see the details in the wings.  

2. Shawl

For some reason (not complaining) we have been having a little of a hot fall. This scarf is perfect for those chilly nights when you can’t bring yourself to put on a winter jacket.  

3. Bed Spread

One great thing about these scarves is that they are giant! They can be used to make a cool cover to your bed spread or cover on a couch. I’m all about little DIY’s to make your dorm room not look like a dorm room.  

4. Head Scarf

Wearing a scarf is very fashionable but also a way to keep warm in the fall months. Check out this link to learn how to do this style.  

5. Tapestry 

This scarf has beautiful colors that have the right to be appreciated on a daily basis. If you do decide to hang this scarf up, be sure to be careful not to slip it at all.

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