Hey Honey Review

The switch from ninety degree beach days to now thirty degree windy days took a fast toll on my skin. I was looking for a product to use and I wanted to try something that was a little different and worked a lot better than the giant thing of lotion I got from CVS. I tried Hey Honey I Peel Good: Biomimetic Honey Peel Cream.

About Hey Honey 

Hey Honey was created a few years ago by Katerina Yoffe-Lardon. Sophie seemed to have the same problem I had: wanted to have great skin, but didn’t have the time to stick to a constant regimen. They chose honey because the honey is healing and nutritive.

I Peel Good! 

The reason why I loved this product so much is because I’m lazy. Well I wouldn’t say lazy, but after getting home from work at 1am or after a long day of classes, I kind of just want to watch an episode of Friends then pass out. The great thing about this product is you don’t need to use it every day, it works well with your lifestyle. Some of the less expensive lotions, if you don’t apply everyday, aren’t worth it. This product I apply one to two times a week and my dry skin is improving.

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