Female Artists You Need to Start Listening to Now

Elle King

Little fact about Elle is she is Rob Schneider’s daughter, but she goes with her mother’s last name. Elle’s song style is a little rougher than most women singers and it’s kind of amazing. Even though I found out about Ellie through a pop playlist on Spotify, she is more of a country blues singer.

Alessia Cara

With a last name like Cara, I just had to include Alessia. Alessia is from Ontario, Canada and is only 19 years old and already has two pop hits. This is definitely an artist you have to check out before you see her everywhere.  
Song: Here


Halsey became famous from doing YouTube video covers; it was only one year ago when she signed her contract with Astralwerks. Halsey’s latest appearances were on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Last Call with Carson Daly.  

Ella Eyre

Elle is an English singer signed with Virgin EMI Records. Her song beautifully explains dating in the 21st century. It’s about everything moving too fast and how “dating” has lost its class.  

Ruth B

I’m a little obsessed with this song to say the least. It became popular through a YouTube video and is now streaming on Spotify. This song is just simplistically beautiful. It tells a story about someone being lost then finally finding their way home.
Song: Lost Boy


Like Elle Eyre’s song, Daya also describes what it is like to date and especially, in my opinion, in college. The difference is Daya’s is more poppy and straight-forward. When you’re having a “college guys suck day” listen to this song and maybe figure out where the good boys go. 

Song: Hide Away

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