Rocksbox Review

When it comes to jewelry I would say I’m a very picky person, but also very loyal. I’ve been wearing the same two bracelets on my wrist since second grade and the elephant ring on my finger is kind of stuck so I don’t really have a choice in that one.  

What is RocksBox?

Rocksbox is a pretty cool company and it is also very easy to set up an account. It is a little like IPSY for jewelry. You take a little quiz about your fashion and then pick ten items that you just love. A style insider then sends you three pieces that they think you will like.

What I Got:

Gorjana Trinity Knot Studs

I have to start out with these because I am absolutely in love with them. Growing up on the Cape, I’ve always loved knotted jewelry and these were very simple and delicate. One thing about the jewelry I wear is I like when it is less flashy and giant. I prefer very simple, but still intricate.  

Jules Smith Gold Stack Midi Rings

Stack rings are definitely something I’ve always wanted to have. They are perfect when you want to add a little bit more style to an outfit without overdoing it. Even though I do say these rings can be perfect for a night out, they can also be a great add on to an everyday outfit.

Sophie Harper Teardrop Pendant Necklace

This necklace is perfect to wear over a black dress or shirt. There’s something about gold and black that just goes together perfectly. Sadly, being in Vermont for college doesn’t give me many excuses to dress up nice; I still wore this to class and it looked great matched with a flannel.

Final Thoughts

I honestly thought Rocksbox was great, which I don’t think of many subscription boxes. I do love getting my IPSY beginning the month, but I’ve told them months in a row I don’t wear eye makeup, yet still get eyeliner (literally have twenty never opened eyeliners if anyone needs one). I did Rocksbox for one month and they were right on with my sense of style. I’m not a very flashy person when it comes to jewelry and every piece I got was something I would wear a lot.

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