What to Wear This Thankgiving

Even though everyone’s favorite holiday is Christmas, my favorite holiday without a doubt is Thanksgiving. The reason being is Christmas can become this stressful event, with all the gift giving and the financial aspect. Yes, making a dinner for a large group of people is expensive and stressful in itself, but it’s great having your house filled with family and friends.

Comfy Vest and Leggings

Sometimes when people wear leggings, it look like they’re about to go to the gym, rather than class. The thing is, on Thanksgiving wearing jeans is a struggle, but making leggings look like real pants is easier than you think. Stay away from flats and sneakers and wear some thigh high boots.  
Skarf: Nordstrom
Boots: Jcrew


Thanksgiving in my opinion is the perfect holiday to meet the parents of who you are dating.  Meeting the parents is very stressful because you are constantly worried whether or not they like you or if you are dressed right. Dress classy casual; jeans are flattering because they make you look down to earth. Unless you’re dating Chuck Bass, this is the perfect outfit for a laid back, home cooked meal with your significant other’s parents.  
Sunglasses: Coach
Shirt: AE
Boots: Lulus

 Sweater Dress

This is perfect outfit for a college student who is going home for Thanksgiving, but not having dinner at their house. That is because when you’re traveling home, you are really limited to what you can take. A sweater dress is cute and also does not take up a lot of room.  
Floppy Hat: Asos
Swearter Dress: AE
Over the knee boots: Atuart Weitzman

 High Waisted Pants

Even though I feel like you have to eat pounds of food, for the button on your pants to pop, high-waisted pants are great for Thanksgiving because they give your stomach room. Also, the best thing about high waisted anything is that you can wear a cute crop sweater.  
Crop Sweater:AE
Flowey Scarf: Farfetch
High Waisted Bell Bottoms:Nordstrom

 Sweater Jacket

I’m in love with this outfit. Not only is it extremely fashionable and elegant, it also looks so comfortable. One of the biggest things about Thanksgiving is being comfortable. Because this jacket is going to be the main piece of your outfit, stick to neutral colors for your accessories.  
Boots: Zappos

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