Nourish Organic Review

To say “I’m in love with Nourish Organic” would be more of an understatement than “Kanye West loves himself”. Their products are more expensive than drugstores, but are comparable to Bath and Body Works. Yes, Bath and Body Works smells great when you walk in, but their products are filled with harmful chemicals.  

What I love about Nourish Organic is they are completely organic and have no harmful ingredients. When buying beauty products, looking at the label is very important. The reason being because products that supposedly “moisturize” and “smooth” most likely have harmful chemicals.  

What I Got:

Body Lotion – Lavender Mint

This is the perfect on-the-go lotion. This lotion is very light and smells great. The weather in Burlington was uncharacteristically warm this year, which made it too hot to wear pants.  The problem being, when it’s cold one week, you don’t think too much about your dry skin because your skin is covered in layers. This is the perfect lotion to keep on your counter to quickly put on before you go out.

Replenishing Argan Oil

Even though having beautiful skin is very important, my hair is always my number one priority. I make sure it looks healthy and not like I just rolled out of bed. This product is great because you can use it for your hair but also for your face and body.

For hair: Use as a hot oil treatment. Hot oil treatments are the best way to seal split ends and make the way to having healthy hair. If you don’t have a way to heat the oil, just use your hands.  Most of the time it’s better because I always leave the oil in the microwave for too long.

For face and body: Use as a light moisturizer. For you body, apply to damp skin after a shower.  My favorite is to use this oil as a hand moisturizer. Your hands are mostly affected by the harsh winds and this helps them from becoming dry and cracked. For you face, apply a small amount.  This is an oil, which means it will make your skin oily. I naturally have oily skin, so if you’re like me, only apply at night.  

Apricot and Rosehip Argan Face Serum

One of my biggest worries in school is that after a long day in the library, I look like a zombie.  Doing homework for hours can make you look stressed and exhausted. This serum is great to make your face look renewed through hydrating and replenishing your skin.  

Avocado and Argan Eye Cream

As an insomniac I get about three hours of sleep a night, if I’m lucky. If I can find a product that helps my eyes look a little less like I’ve been up all night, it becomes my best friend. This product is great if you do wake up with puffy eyes in the morning because it is a great fast absorbing liquid.  

Shea Butter

Not only is this butter organic, it is also fair trade certified. Fair trade is when a fair price is made to producers in developing countries. I learned about fair trade last year when I was volunteering, it was something I didn’t know much about, but it is a great cause to support. Fair trade helps producers make a living in developing country to help build a life.  

This butter is not like normal body butters. When I opened it I was a little surprised. This butter has more of a texture of coconut oil. It’s great that this is more of a rich substance because it is more hydrating to your skin because it is more concentrated. My advice for using this is use it before bed, the reason being is it takes a little longer to put on and is more oily.  

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