Pink Parchment Soaps Review

There are three things I miss from being at home: my dog Bela, real food, and being able to take a warm bath. Pink Parchment Soaps is a family owned company which makes homemade products from Rochester Hills. MI.

What I Got 

Vanilla Bean Bath Bomb

 One of the best parts of fall semester at UVM is we get a one week break for Thanksgiving. So when all my friends are at school still studying, I’m home enjoying a bath with a sweet bath bomb. The best part of this bath bomb was the smell. Taking seven classes, having a part time job, and being an officer of a start up club, with also finding a place to live next year, I’ve never experienced so much stress. This bath bomb was the perfect little escape without having to leave the house.

Cucumber Melon Bath Bomb  

Ever since I did my bulk buy of Bath and Body Works a few years ago, I’ve been obsessed with cucumber melon.  How I describe this smell is it’s the perfect zen and natural scent.  This bath bomb is perfect when you are in the mood to do yoga, but yoga just seems like too much work.  Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath, covering your eyes with some fresh cucumbers and pretending you’re at a spa.  

Pumpkin Spice Shea Butter Soap  

I kinda hate a little that pumpkin has become basic. I think pumpkin is amazing and if anyone thinks that I have pumpkin spice soap in my bathroom, you just haven’t smelt it yet. This soap is perfect to get you in the fall mood.

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