7 Reason Why Soy Candles are Better Featuring Firefly Candles Co

Firefly Candles Company is a small candle company that specializes in soy candles. The candles are made by Jennifer Davis, who lived in Greece before moving to Hilton Head Island, SC. She is extremely health conscious, which is why she started making only soy candles.

Why Soy?

1. Soy Burns Longer

Even though soy candles do cost more than an average candle, they are still comparable to Yankee Candle prices. When you factor in how long they last, you are actually saving more getting a soy candle.

2. Soy Doesn’t Interfere with the Smell of your Meal

When you burn that pumpkin spice candle from Bath & Body Works, you are releasing chemicals that overpower the scent of your food. Burning soy candles leaves a nice smell in the room, but doesn’t take away the smell of the sweet pie you just baked.

3. Soy is Sustainable

Unlike paraffin, that is in most generic candles, soy is a renewable resource.

4. Soy is Better for Your Health

Soy burns cleaner and produces less that 90 percent less soot than normal candles. This reduces the amount of indoor air pollution.

5. Soy Helps U.S. Farmers

The US is the number one producer of soy in the world. When you buy products that contain soy, you are supporting American farmers.

6. Soy Candles are Safer

Soy has soft wax, meaning that taper are nearly impossible to find. In traditional candles, tapers can tip over easily and cause a fire. Avoid the fire hazard all together and go soy.

7. Soy Candles are Non-Toxic

Since these candles are made from vegetable oil and not petroleum oil, they release no known carcinogens into the air.

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