Gifts For Everyone On your List

To be completely honest, Christmas is not my favorite holiday. Yes, I love being able to see my family and eat wonderful food; in my opinion, that’s what Christmas should really be about. We all know that Christmas involves gifts, and getting a gift for everyone can be challenging and stressful. Here’s a list that may help you:

For Him

Whether it is your best friend since kindergarten, your boyfriend, or your brother; I’ve got you. Getting this gift is challenging because as a girl I always find it hard to get guys presents. Unless it’s my brother where I can just send a text, “bro what do you want for Xmas” , it’s challenging doing the guess work.

The Sports Fanatic

Luckily for me, I have two brothers who could not be more obsessed with the Pats. If you walk into your guy’s dorm room and it is covered in Boston Bruins gear, you can not go wrong with a cute knit hat.


The Adventurer

Living in Vermont has made me realize how beautiful the Northeast is. I love the Northeast, but it is bitter in the winter. For your guy who likes to do things in the negative degree weather, get him some Hot Chillys clothing. In my opinion, this clothing line is always warmer than the higher priced brands like Northface and Patagonia.


The Nerd

Don’t get me wrong, I am proud to call myself a nerd. I will play The Sims on a megabus with no shame. You can’t go wrong with getting him one of his favorite games or his favorite series on DVD. Just in case Netflix tries to take 3 seasons of their favorite show off Netflix. RIP Eureka seasons 1-3.

Under 10 Dollars

If you’re like me, splurging on a present is just not an option. This may be wrong, but I’ve never met a guy who doesn’t like beer. You can’t go wrong with getting him a tumbler supporting something he loves.


Sometimes after buying all the presents for your parents, grandparents, brothers, and their significant others, you can’t even spend 10 dollars on something they will love. An easy and inexpensive DIY is a mason jar filled with little papers of thought. They can either be date ideas or just things you love about that person.

For Her

The Fashion Obsessed

I would say that I’m one of the best people to give anyone advice on what to get someone who loves fashion, more than Rachel Zoe. When I was making my own Christmas list, I googled what to get a fashion obsessed girl and everything was over $1000 and if I asked for a Louis Vuitton bag for Christmas, I really doubt I’d get it.

For the fashion obsessed girl on your list, get her something she really needs and never thinks about till it’s too late. Get her a sick pair of fleece leggings. I love wearing dresses and skirts in the summer and it seems like they just go to the back of my closet when it starts to get chilly.

Sporty Spice

This one may seem like a no brainier, but getting a pair of leggings on Christmas is one of the best feelings ever. Yes the ten dollar leggings at T.J.Maxx are fine; but when you’re in college getting a paycheck only enough to pay for food, you don’t get to experience the feeling of having nice leggings.


As a girl who has way too many things for my tiny little dorm room, I’m always looking for a place for my sweaters that does not exist. Create a sweet under bed storage system with recycled milk crates, some zip ties, and some spray paint.

Under 10 Dollars

For some reason I completely understand you can not go wrong with getting her a candle. Candles in my opinion are extremely relaxing and also they make your room smell amazing.

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