Signed and Numbered

Signed & Numbered started in the mid-90s, when Phil started his first wood shop in the garage of his house.  In his little garage he made hundreds of amazing furniture pieces, in 199 he expanded to a larger space in Salt Lake City.  At the same time, the local concert venue closed down and he offered his place for the kids to use.
What was his workshop, now became a place for bands like Rilo Kiley, Death Cab Cutie, and The Shins.  Phil then met Leia and they built a studio next to his and started their life.  After they sold the music venue, they opened Signed & Numbered which was a poster shop and gallery.  Their business was going well, but people kept asking about posters for their poster.  Framing then became the focus of their business.
Why I’m featuring Signed and Numbered on my blog is because they have a very interesting story and also their products are very well made.  There’s so many times I spend way too much on something that lasts a few years.  Also their products are priced that as a college student, I needed a place to buy what I needed for my apartment without spending too much money.

Wall Mounted Mail and Key Holder


When you move into a new place, everything is a little hectic for a while.  Especially when you’re just starting your new classes and getting use to the time where you can sleep in the most and still make your 8:30.  This is a great thing to have in your apartment because when you’re busy you know you’re just going to throw your mail and keys on the table.

The only way you’re going to organize and not loose anything is to have a place to put it.  You don’t want to throw your water bill on the table and then get a late fee.  Or even worse, be scrambling to leave in the morning and be late because you can’t find your keys.

I’m a little obsessed with benches with a coat rack over them.  Possibly because I know that it works better than having a coat closet.  Living in a dorm room, I’ve realized how bad it is to walk around with your shoes on, this offers a great place for you and your roommates to leave their shoes.  Because we all know mud season is the worst.

Open Back Wall Shelf


Like I said, this is the best way to organize your coats.  The reason being is when I’m busy and rushing to find my jacket, I never have to wonder if it’s in the closet or not.  Also it promotes you to hang it up right when you walk through the door.

The other thing that is sweet is there is an overhead shelf.  When you’re living in a small apartment you’re paying probably way too much for, organizing is always a must.  This gives you a perfect place to put some things that you can’t find another home for.

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