A Hitchcock Spin on Wildess Dreams

Probably about six months ago I saw Taylor Swift’s music video Wildest Dreams and thought of a completely different idea that would of been way better than the one published.
When I first started watching the video, the first thing that came to my mind was Hitchcock.  For anyone that knows anything about Hitchcock, he loved blondes.  Since I was in high school I’ve been a little obsessed with Hitchcock and all his movies.
One of Hitchcock’s favorite actresses was Grace Kelly.  Grace Kelly was a gorgeous actress that starred in a few of his movies.  Grace Kelly later retired from acting when she married Prince Rainier and became the princess of Monaco.
Grace was very pretty, nice and was rumored to have affairs with her leading male roles.  During the filming of Rear Window there was a rumored affair between Grace and James Stewart.  At the times Stewart was married.  
Why I think this would of been a great idea for this video is because that was an iconic time in history.  Another part is I think Taylor Swift could’ve been a great Grace Kelly.  The thing is Taylor goes through all these painful breakups, but you don’t see it in her videos or her face.  
You can’t be a good artist if you have not gone through some rough painful times.  In my opinion, Taylor needs to stop being this cookie cutter perfect human being.  Because Taylor is like Grace in a way.  She comes off as nice, pretty but, there is more to a person than nice and pretty.  

I think this vintage Hitchcock idea would of been a good idea for the video because Taylor could build on Grace’s pain.  Even though the affair is only a rumor it was a talked about event in Hollywood and would of been a better idea for this video.  

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