Ribbon Personalized Review


When I opened up this package, I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy about what I got in the mail. I love writing for this blog, and I like to express it a little. And I thought candles that had my logo on them and name of my blog were perfect.

Not only did the candles look great, but also the presentation was amazing. The candles all had little black ribbons that said my URL. Everything about these candles are perfect and I completely became obsessed immediately.
Getting people Christmas presents are sometimes extremely challenging. Yes that sweater is cute in your opinion, but you also have to worry about if they will like it and if the size will be right.
These candles are great gifts to get someone because you can get anything printed on them.  I love these because I will always have the memory of having this blog even when I’m an actual adult and have real responsibilities like paying rent and taxes.  
These candles are something that your loved ones will remember forever. 

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