4 Ways to not Loose Motivation Over Break


Currently I’m sitting at my desk trying desperately to remember the article idea I had for today.  But after hours of searching my brain, I’ve come up blank.  Also, it’s currently Thursday and I was suppose to have my articles done by Tuesday because soon I have to get ready for work.  

It seems the motivation I had this break went away when Santa went back to the North Pole.  This break, I had a couple of goals which were: learn how to take amazing photos, work full time on my blog, and start my top secret project, but instead of doing these things every day I have fallen into a Netflix coma.

Yes, I am on break from a very stressful semester, but my couch has turned into a black hole, which causes me to watch Once Upon a Time for 72 straight hours.  Here are a couple tips that might help you gain a little motivation to take a break from the Netflix marathon and be a little more productive.  

Do not make your binge watching seat too comfy


If you are in an overly comfortable situation the chances of you getting up and taking a walk outside are slim to none.  Not saying you should be uncomfortable when watching tv, but having a husband pillow, blanket, and hot cocoa not far away, the couch might become a part of you.

Go Outside


“Climate Change” has gifted us with some warm weather and we should be taking advantage of it.  Because you don’t have to be layered up right now, grab a sweatshirt and take yourself to a cool place in your town and enjoy yourself for a little bit.  Fresh air is a spark for motivation.  

Get Up When You Wake up

Unless you stayed out till 4am last night the chances that you need to sleep in to 2pm are probably not necessary.  What I do when I wake up is I spend at least and hour or two trying to get more sleep.  When that comes to a lost cause I usually spend an hour going through my social media accounts on my phone.  When your eyes open motivate yourself to get a start to the day.

Limit your Binge Watching

I think I know better than anyone that getting into a good show can make a break seem like it’s two seconds long.  Watch a max of three episodes a day and only when it’s dark outside.  

Rainy or Snowy Days Are Not a Lost Cause

The past three days have be gross and cold, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend all day watching TV.  Rainy days are perfect to relax.  Start an art project or grab a yoga mat and do some exercising. 

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