16 Fashion Rules to Break in 2016

Photo courtesy of donaldjpliner.com

There’s one thing I kinda love and hate about fashion. What that is, is there are these “rules” and if they’re broken, you’re outfit is not perfect.  The reason why I love them is some of them are helpful.  For example, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.  The reason being is when you are overdressed, you will look amazing and everyone will be oohing and awing over your outfit.  The reason why I don’t like it is I feel like it holds us back. Like for example, the picture of Britney and Justin wearing denim on denim.  Denim on Denim is not a fashion no no if done in the right way.  Here are a some fashion rules you should break in 2016.

1. Fashion Rules are meant to be taken seriously and followed

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

There’s not a set rule book of fashion rules in a book similar to the bible. Even though they want you to treat their magazines like the bible. You don’t always have to listen to what Vogue and Elle have to say.

 Flannel: Urban Outfitters
Sneakers: Vans

2. High Waisted Pants are “Mom Jeans” 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

When people think of high waisted jeans they think about the 70’s and what fashionable moms wear at soccer games. Well those soccer moms saw the trend way before any fashion mogul. I love high waisted pants, it makes your legs look longer and it also is an excuse to wear a crop top in the winter.

Sweater: Nordstrom
Sneakers: Vans

3. Loose Styles Are not  flattering 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

There seems to be a stigma that if you wear loose fitting clothing than your outfit looks flattering and it hides your shape. The thing is I think loose fitting clothing looks better than bodycon clothing. Also you are not constantly adjusting everything.


4. Don’t Wear Socks and Sandals 

Photo courtesy of themomedit.com

If you said this to someone around UVM you would not make many friends. Wearing socks with sandals is becoming more trendy than hunter boot. Which I kinda love because when I feel lazy just throwing on my fake berks is perfect.

Sweater: Venus
Jeans: Nordstrom
Socks: Torrid.com

5. Faux Diamonds are a fashion pass 

Photo courtesy of weheartit.com

I have no shame wearing the diamond earrings I got off Amazon for five dollars and neither should you. You don’t want to have a Kim K meltdown when you lose your expensive diamond earrings, do you?

Earrings: The Limited
Necklace: King Ice
Bracelet: Jet

6. Brown and Black don’t mix 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

I personally hate this rule more than all the other ones.  I love how my brown boots look with my black dresses.  And how is brown boots under leggings not fashionable?

Jacket: ASOS
Blue Dress:Modcloth
Hat: Talbots

 7. Sweatshirts are for Athletes

Photo courtesy of weheartit.com

 Sweatshirts are kinda amazing.  Their cozy and warm and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t think they are fashionable.  Pair a sweatshirt with a skirt or a cute flowy pair of shorts and your outfit will be transformed.

Sweatshirt:Calvin Klein
Jeans:Top Shop
Sneakers: Nordstrom

8. Sequins are for Night Time 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

There is no reason why sequins have to be saved for after dark.  When matched with the right complimenting clothing and accessories, you can even wear sequins to work and look completely professional.

Shirt: Nordstrom

9. Pastels are only for Spring Time 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Pale purple is one of my favorite colors and many people agree that they miss wearing these colors in the dead of winter.  Even though I also love black, wearing pastels are a nice way to add in some brightness to the darkest winter days.

Scarf: Last Call
Jeans: Nordstrom
Bag: Guess

10. Only wear one focus color at a time 

Photo courtesy of justjared.com

Someone once said that you can not wear bright orange with another bright color.  I’m here to tell you that person was completely wrong.  Ever seen Kerry Washington on the red carpet?  Well her stylist is one of the best because she can make mixed matched colors be the most complimenting.

11. Red Lips are only for going out 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

I think T Swift proved that you don’t have to make up an excuse to wear red lips.  Whether you are doing the dishes, having brunch with your friends, or a date with the person you’ve been crushing on.  Rock those red lips.

Scarf: ASOS
Tights: H & M
Boots: Nordstrom

12. You Should Always Match 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

There is not reason you’re outfit has to be completely matchy.  To be completely honest, I barely ever have socks that match.  Try new things, maybe you’ll be surprised and two colors you never thought would work will be perfect.

Clutch: ETSY
Necklace: Ross Simons

13. Sneakers are only for the Gym 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Converse are one of the most underrated fashion footwear in my opinion.  I would rather have a pair of white converse than a pair of Louis Vuitton’s.

Jacket: LL Bean
Sneakers: Converse

14. You Can’t wear red to a Wedding 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Unless you stand up in the middle of a wedding, walk up to the altar, and make out with the groom, there is no way you’re going to upstage the bride at her wedding.  It’s her day and everything is about her, which it should be.  Red’s a hot color, wear it proud.

Clutch: Zappos

15. Stripes make you look bigger 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

In my opinion, cheetah print is one of the most unflattering prints, but everyone stays away from stripes because they think it makes you look larger.  It couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The thicker the stripes, it may tend to make you look bigger.  If you do think they make you look larger, stick to thinner stripes.

 Dress:Top Shop
Shall: Nordstrom

16. Shorts are for Summer  

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Even though most people rock shorts in the summer, just because the days are shorter you can still rock those same shorts.  Wear a pair of tights under them and pair them with some cute boots or some ankle boot heels, and you’re set.

Sweater: Turtle Neck
Shorts: H &M

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