Why You Need to Know about Kitty Whoop Ass


There are three important things everyone knows about me; I love food, fashion and most especially, animals.  I don’t think I’ve gone longer than a week without my dog being the background on my phone. A few weeks ago, an organization reached out to me called Kitty Whoop Ass.


Kitty Whoop Ass was launched in November of 2015 by Jules Lavallee.  Jules is a little like me; she’s sarcastic, an entrepreneur, and has a passion to help people.  She began her career as a writer for a software magazine and a technology marketing consulting.  One thing Jules is passionate about is helping find a solution to end homelessness.  She spends many days a week volunteering for a soup kitchen, hosting clothing drives, and fundraising.

Kitty Whoop Ass is kinda like Jules alter ego.  For each shirt that is sold, one dollar of the sales goes to Big Cat Rescue.  These shirts and mugs are a great idea for Valentine’s Day because they are a gift that actually means something.  Yes, getting a box of chocolates is pretty sweet, but helping animals in need is more important than any sweet treat.


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