How to Throw a Sweet Party on a Budget Featuring Twigs and Twirls


I think everyone my age would love to throw a party where the only decoration wasn’t just a table big enough to play beer pong on it.  But the thing is no 20 something has the money to spare to throw a party that is Pinterest worthy.  That was until I found Twigs and Twirls.  Their decorations are very unique, simple, and perfect for throwing a little party with your friends.

One of my favorite things they have in their shop are the balloons.  They reminded me of the ones that Kourtney Kardashian had during her baby shower.  What I like about them is they are perfect props to take pictures.  No need to print out some photo booth props for your party, these simple balloons are great for an artsy pic with your friends.
Another simple kinda genius item in their shop is their printed straws.  They are a great way to add some more color to your party.  If you want to drink out of them or just use them for decoration, they will look great.
No party is complete without some type of banner or garland.  Now do not do what I did when setting up this garland.  Use the tips and the video they use on their website.  It is hard to put together if you do not use their help.

If you want an easier garland to set up rather than the paper garland, use the balloon garland.  What I love about these is they remind me of the 80’s prom I always wish I could have gone to.  On a side note, I really wish instead of the Great Gatsby theme everyone seems to be obsessed about, someone would throw a sick 80’s themed prom party.  Hint hint should so be Kris Jenner’s next B-day party.  


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