Why Hot Chilly’s is the Best Cold Weather Brand

Growing up in New England, I always thought that I could handle any cold.  Which is why I chose to go to school at The University of Vermont.  The thing is yes I love snow and all the activities it involves, but harsh winds and freezing cold temperatures tend to keep me inside on bitter cold days.

In my family there’s an allergy that whenever I tell anyone no one ever believes me.  When I was in second grade my family went on a trip to New Hampshire and went swimming in this lake.  Unknown to my family, my father was allergic to the cold.  He went swimming and after being out of the water became unresponsive.  
After this experience my family knows how to do warm.  They know the best temp to keep the house and the best winter clothing to wear outside.  When I was in middle school you were not cool until you had a black North Face denali jacket.  When I was in high school if you had a Patagonia better sweater than you were ahead of everyone else.  Nothing against those brands, I have things from both of them, but nothing beats the warmness and quality of Hot Chilly’s clothing.

When My dad found out about his allergy, we bought him a Hot Chilly’s fleece quarter zip and pant for Christmas, to which he still wears to this day.  Hot Chilly’s is more reasonably priced than other cold weather clothing companies and their clothing never tears or rips.  

Last year was a brutal winter for everyone.  My savior was the thermal leggings I got from there, which I wore under my jeans to stay warm on the walk to classes. In my opinion, Hot Chilly’s has been warmer than any other companies clothing and even on the coldest of days their products never failed. 

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