Your Guide to Shopping in Burlington

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Being that I’m obsessed with fashion, shop maybe a little too much, and love one of a kind stores, Church street has become my favorite place after moving to Burlington.  The thing is I think every UVM student wants to think they know Church Street and also the side streets, I wanted to write a little how to guide so you never miss a sweet store.


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I wanted to start off with my favorite store on Church Street. Even when I’m not looking for anything to buy I always come out with something.  It is also the best place to get tapestries in Burlington.

Crow Bookshop 

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Crow is an independent bookstore located on Church Street.  They have one of the most diverse selections of books in Burlington.

Old Gold 

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Old Gold is located on Main Street and is one of the best thrift stores I’ve ever been in.  They carry everything from cowboy boots to wigs in just about every color.  If you’re looking for a great Halloween costume or a vintage grateful dead tee, this is your place to go.


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If you are looking for high quality lingerie, you have to go to Aristelle. Not only do they have the most well made lingerie, they also have extremely knowledgeable employees.

Tradewinds Imports 

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Tradewinds has some of the most unique jewelry I’ve ever seen. Everything is hand crafted and made from the highest quality materials. Tradewinds is a little expensive, but be sure to check out their site to their deals.

Sweet Lady Jane

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Sweet Lady Jane is alway my favorite stops on Church Street. The reason being is their selection of designers. They carry my favorite lust brand Free People and also Lotus.


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One of my favorites in Burlington, this store claims to be a contemporary fashion boutique and it does that perfectly. My favorite part of this store is the window, they always have a great display. This store is a little pricey for a college student’s budget, but be sure to follow their Instagram to keep up on all the latest sales.

Vermont Flannel 

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This article could not be complete without this store. Nothing says Vermont like a flannel shirt. This store is perfect for if you’re looking for a comfy shirt for yourself or a gift for a friend.

Global Pathways Jewelry 

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I am not a jewelry person at all, so if I tell you check out a jewelry store you will not be disappointed. This is some of the most unique and gorgeous jewelry, I’ve ever seen. My favorite piece is the bar necklace with the mountains carved in it.**Hint hint to my future fiance please get my engagement ring here.


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When ever I am walking down Church Street this store always has a dress in their window I always wish was in my closet, also that I’d have a place to wear it of course. This store is perfect if you are looking for some special occasion clothing.

Rackk and Ruin 

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Rackk and Ruin is a jewelry store located on Pine Street in Burlington.  What I love the best about this store is that the artist works and plays with so many different types of metals. I find it very interesting how the artist mixed the metals with vintage elements.

Whim Boutique 

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If you’re looking for designer jeans in Burlington this is the place to go.  Not only do they have great jeans, but they also have great accessories.

Dear Lucy  

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Dear Lucy always has my favorite selection of shoes on Church Street.  I love shoes, but it’s sad when your shoes only last one season.  Dear Lucy carries shoes that will last season after season.  They carry FRYE boots, and I personally believe they are the best investment a girl can make. 


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All of the clothing sold in Spellbound is local or made in the United States.  What I find most interesting about Spellbound is the range of styles they carry in their store.  The reason why I love that is because when you walk into large chain stores you’re stuck to one style and clothing that has stayed pretty much the same throughout the year.  But at Spellbound it is constantly changing.

Common Deer 

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What I love about this store is the little pieces they have that are Vermont themed.  When I was Christmas shopping I found this little notebook with the Vermont outline carved in it.  Their products are made well and are worth paying a little more than you normally do for some things.


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I’ve been living in Burlington for about two years and I don’t know how I went this long before walking into this store.  This store is not your typical Vermont store, their pieces in the store change often.  Every trip I take to Church Street is not complete without going into this store.

Jess Boutique 

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If you need a dress that will turn everyone’s head and make their jaw drop to the floor this is the place to go.  Their dresses are pretty well priced and are gorgeous.

Frog Hollow 

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This is my favorite place to window shop in all of Burlington.  Their store has pretty much everything, and it is all featuring local artists. 

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