9 Graphic Tees Every Fashionista Needs

Graphic tees used to be something that only middle school skater boys thought were cool.  Now if you’re someone who is obsessed with fashion you have to own at least a couple.

Cinderella Arrive in Style

Forever 21

Because let’s me be honest, nothing is better than having a happy ending like Cinderella.  Let’s just skip out on the cleaning and the evil stepmother part.

Humans Are Gross

Olivia Rose
This is my favorite shirt out of all them and not just because I’m a complete sci fi nerd.  Most graphic tees are one color and just have words, but what I love about this one is it has a worn grey wash.

More Issues than Vouge

Olivia Rose
Let’s hope this shirt is a little less than true, but this shirt is for the high fashion obsessed.

Kayne For President

Miss Guided
My friend has this shirt and when I saw it, I thought it was amazing.  Just think about it, Kim K as first lady.

Will You Accept this Rosé?

Now that I’m in school and have no TV, Mondays are just not the same without The Bachelor and a couple glasses of wine.

Stressed Well Dressed Coffee Obsessed 

Thug Life
If you’re someone who can not run without their morning coffee, this shirt is for you.  It takes stressed but well dressed to a new level.

Bye Felicia 

Urban Outfitters
I don’t know why that this quote from a 90’s Will Smith movie randomly got popular, but I absolutely love it. 

Wake Me Up When I’m Famous

Urban Outfitters
This shirt explains my life in so many ways.  Just waiting for Ryan Secrets to call about my reality show. 


Urban Outfitters
If you consider brunch more of a lifestyle than just a meal, rock this the next time you go out for mimosas and crepes. 

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