7 Flawless Outfits to Copy this February

 All Black

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Sometimes the best outfits are the most simple. On cold winter days, the best outfits take the lowest time.  For this outfit, all you need is a simple long sleeve black dress, knee highs and cute boots.  If you think this outfit looks a little cold for winter, get a cute, long wool trench coat. 

Sweater Turtle Neck

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
Turtle Neck: Club Monaco
Jeans:Top Shop

Turtlenecks are no longer just for Sue Heck. What I really love this season is a crop top turtle neck.  The reason being is it is a warm way to look cute. 

The Pancho

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

The Pancho is no longer something that only America Ferrera can pull off.  They are recently becoming more fashionable, this trend started by becoming popular as a beach cover up.  Now you can rock a Pancho in the winter and be a total fashionista. 

Color Block
Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
Sweater:Wild Frang

Yesterday I saw someone wearing a color block sweater with neutral colors and thought it was so cute.  This is a great use of color block because the colors do not clash with your winter appear.  I have two winter jackets, blue and green, it’s hard sometime to wear colored clothing without looking like a plum, but this is the perfect way to wear two colors with also showing off your curves in the best way. 

Long Tutu
Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
Shirt:J Crew
Sneakers: Converse

This outfit rocks three of my favorite styles: sneakers, a tutu and a crop-top turtle neck..  If you want to wear a skirt in the winter and still be warm the best thing is to wear a long skirt.  You can wear tights under them too and no one will notice. 

Fur Vest
Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
Scarf:LL Bean

I absolutely love these vests.  Only if they are not made with animal fur, good for the animals also good for your wallet.  The best thing about this is that it creates a focal point for your outfit which allows the rest of your outfit to be more relaxed. 

Black and White Plaid
Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
Leggings: Bloomingdales
Jacket: Forever 21

Black and white are my favorite colors in plaid. Their combination creates a more fashionable, rather than a relaxed country feel.  Also, what I love about this outfit are the boots. There’s nothing more than I want, maybe a Canon DSLR, than a great pair of high-heeled black boots. 

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