5 Reasons to Love the Gym


When I moved into school freshman year, I couldn’t wait to go to the gym. I thought it would be so nice to have a place to workout where all I needed to do was swipe a card. Well the motivation I had to go to the gym the first day quickly went away. It wasn’t that I was busy and didn’t have time to go to the gym it was more that I didn’t know how to “gym”.

It’s not like high school gym class, where when you’re in the workout room you pretend to be doing something and wipe your forehead when the gym teacher walks by. You have to actually look like you know what you’re doing.  Here’s a few of my tips to learn to love the gym when you couldn’t be less athletic.

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1. Know the times to go 

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My favorite time to go to the gym is Sunday night.  The reason being is there’s about three people there meaning you can use any machine you want.  Also, sometimes it’s a little intimidating to be at the gym next to people lifting more than twice your weight.  Honestly, how is that possible?

2. Ignore Everyone

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 Even if it you thought there would be no one at the gym at 7:03 on a Tuesday morning and now it’s packed and the only one left is the death machine.  Use the “death machine” until the bike is open and don’t care if you think other people are looking. I’m always so concentrated on texting and not falling on the machine, everyone else probably is too.

3. It’s a Great Stress Reliever 

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College is stressful, bet you’ve never heard that before. Instead of staying in bed watching Netflix, take your phone and headphones to the gym and watch Netflix while working out. There you can still get your binge watching in and not feel like you wasted any time.

4. Make A killer Playlist 

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Put on those guilty pleasures only you like, because you’re roommate can’t give you a hard time at the gym.

5. Cute Workout Clothing

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Even though last year when I got into going to the gym I couldn’t help online shopping for cute workout clothing and it was so worth it.

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