7 Swimwear trends you need to know before spring break

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If you’re a lot luckier than me this spring break, you’ll be sitting by the pool in a tropic oasis, sipping a mimosa right at 11 am.  Before you head out on your flight, you can’t forget your swim suit.  If you want to know all the new trends this season, I did a little research to live a little vicariously through your vacation.

Cut outs 

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 This popular trend started as a cute way to show a little more skin when wearing a dress.  Now it’s also appearing on runways on Miami Swim Week.    

Citrus Shades 

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 Orange really is the new black.  Pick out of cute swim suite in your favorite citrus colors and you’ll be the most fashionable at the pool. 


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If you’re not feeling orange or yellow, this is the perfect color for you to rock.  This color is a great compliment for in my opinion any skin color. 



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Don’t let the title scare you away.  This is not 50 Shades of Grey inspired, bondage suites are just strappier one pieces.    


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In my opinion, you should at least have one striped suite in your carry on.  Even though you may feel a little like a sailor, maybe you’ll pick up a cute sailor when you’re on the beach.  

Lace ups 

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This trend is something that I find very interesting, mostly because it makes me think of the weird tan lines you will get.  This is a great suit to wear when you’re going to be sipping by the pool. 

Plunging Necklines 

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No longer are these suits the ones that always seem to be the same year after year in the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

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