FantaSea Jewelry

Photo by FantaSea Jewelry
FantaSea Jewelry is handcrafted ocean and nature inspired jewelry that is located on the little island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.  

I just recently received one of their bracelets and wanted to share a little about how much I love this company and their products.  

Growing up on The Cape, I’m very familiar to the hook style bracelet.  They are my favorite style of jewelry.  What impressed me the most with this store was their customer service, their craftsmanship, and the style.
Photo by FantaSea Jewelry
Even though they are located in The Virgin Islands, they have an Etsy shop which features their ocean inspired jewelry with custom options.  They also have amazing opal jewelry you have to check out.

I was impressed with how well this bracelet was made.  The bracelet was only $95 dollars and was made just as well as my hook bracelet that is more than twice the price.  Two years ago for Christmas, I bought a cape cod basket hook bracelet and the hook kept coming undone and lost it when I was staying at a friend’s house, never to be found again. Unlike that bracelet, this one has never fallen off or even clipped off.  
Photo by FantaSea Jewelry

Lastly, I would like to point out the style of this bracelet.  It is very unique and simply beautiful.  They have the same style of the bracelet I have with a gemstone in the middle. 

Photo by FantaSea Jewelry

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