9 Amazing outfits to copy this April

It makes me extremely happy that I will be able to make a walk from my dorm, my classes, or work without thinking I’m getting frost bitten. Even though we are not in the nice July weather, it’s time to start putting away your fleeces and winter boots and make room for your patterned scarves and sandals.

1. Flashback to 1973

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
Every 80’s movie about the future predicted we would be wearing metallic clothing and thick heeled boots, so let’s thank god that was all fiction because this season you’re going to be seeing more prints and styles taking you back to the 70’s. Embrace it before some major fashion designers make metallic moon boots a trend.
Shoes: ASOS (On sale!)

 2. Dare to go Beige

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
Neutrals are one of the most underappreciated colors, but you have to be careful with them.  Some have the power to enhance your skin color and completion, but others have the power to completely wash you out unless you have an amazing tan. 
Boots: Boden

 3. Seductive Lace

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
In my opinion, this is a perfect outfit for an April night out because it is a light shade of purple that is still deep.  Also, I am majorly obsessed with the lace pattern on the dress.
Dress:Free People 
Bag: Torrid

 4. Trendy Casual

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
I can’t say how many times, I’ve heard someone say “I’m going to dress up tomorrow, because I want to look nice.” The thing is you can have the most casual, easy outfit and be even more trendy then if you wear a dress. If you’re trying to achieve the trendy casual look, the most important part of your outfit is your shoes.  The best way to achieve this is with a pair of converse or vans. 
Sunglasses: Ray Bans at Macys
Jeans:Top Shop

 5. Off the Shoulder

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
This is possibly one of my favorite new trends this season because I’ve always steered away from off the shoulder. I feel as though these tops have a bad rep, because when you think about it, you were never allowed to wear these growing up. Remember in junior high, you’d get sent to the principal’s office when your tank top was less than two fingers, but now you have no excuse not to show off your shoulders.
Pants: Top Shop
Sunglasses: Toms

6. Pop of Plum

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
I feel like there should be a rule in fashion: one must own at least one jacket with a strong color.  I love wearing natural colors and they do look great alone, but when you add a statement piece – a small necklace or this jacket – it adds so much more to your outfit.
Belt:LL bean
Heels: Lulus

7. High Leg Slit

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
Every maxi dress I’m seeing for this season has this high slit on one side.  Maxi dresses are honestly a little amazing for the start of the season. The weather is still not perfect yet, it’s windy and sometimes a little cold; Maxi dresses are the perfect thing to wear on a windy April day.
Dress: Lulus

8. Country Cute

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
This is a perfect outfit for your weekend mornings in April. For example, a trip to your Saturday farmers market or Sunday brunch with your gals. You can add a few accessories to make your outfit stand out a little more.  Add some trendy sunglasses or a quilted bag. 
Shoes: Madewell
Sunglasses:Eye Buy Direct

9. Blush please…

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Blush in my opinion is a very underappreciated color in spring.  I feel that everyone associates blush with the color of bridesmaid dresses for a June wedding.  In my opinion, this is the best color to wear if you’re trying to color block with two different pastels.  
Skirt: Etsy

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