Terra Bella Box Review

Terra Bella Box is a monthly subscription of beauty and bath products.  All the products are made from natural ingredients. Terra Bella offers two sizes of the boxes, one has 5-6 products that is $35 and the only other one is 2-3 products with is $15.

Klen Steamer

This is a simple way to add a little spa feature to your shower.  All you have to do is place it in your shower and drop a little water on it and it creates a perfect steam shower. 

Rose and Lemon Grass toning mist

This can be used as a way to set your makeup or just as an every day way to refresh your skin. What I like about this the most was the smell. It was nice and refreshing with the right amount of power fullness. 

Woolin & Co Handcrafted Soap

This soap was great. The only let down was it did not have that strong of a smell and the size.  One of the things about soap is it disappears super fast, but the best thing about this soap is it is all natural.  There are so many chemicals we use on a daily basis that are bad for us; it’s good to change one of those products with an organic alternative.

 Organic Eyeliner

I’m not a big eyeliner person, but I did really like the application process putting on this eyeliner. It created less mistakes, with more room for creativity.

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