The Most Underrated Summer Accessory featuring Irresistible Me

Photo courtesy of

 June is a month for graduations and it is also the start of wedding season.  Whenever you’re involved in a wedding or are a guest, you spend a good amount of time picking out what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to accessorize it.  Recently, I came across Irresistible Me, a company known for their hair extensions, but they also make hair accessories.

 The Rhea

Photo by Cara Peterson

This was my favorite out of the four. I loved how the pearls were mixed in to create the perfect classic flower pattern. One of the biggest problems with headpieces is usually the quality being low, but this one was made great and it would survive the night.

The Isis

Photo by Cara Peterson

This was my second favorite; it had the same style as the Rhea headband, but was a little more subtle.  This headband would be perfect for a summer party or a casual summer wedding.  Floral is one of my favorite prints to wear this summer, and this headband is the perfect match to your summer floral.

The Venus

Photo by Cara Peterson

In my opinion, this headband is perfect for a formal event in the winter.  Many spring and summer events are held outside.  With this headband, you have to have lighting to get it’s full potential, which you can only get from artificial light.

 The Aurora

Photo by Cara Peterson

This is a fun headband to say the least.  It is perfect for the guest of honor, or if you feel like drawing a little attention to your outfit.

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