Monogram Box Review

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When I was a little kid, and to be completely honest, I still look through souvenir shops looking for little license plates with my name on it.   Monogram Monthly is a wonderful monthly subscription box where you get three things with your initials, name, or both.From the box, I received an iPhone stand, a sweatshirt, and a makeup bag.  The box had a hand written note, and everything was made with great detail.

The makeup bag

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 This was my favorite part of the box; I’ve only had one thing that said my name on it and my mother had to hide it because the stool was too unstable for even a four year old to stand on.  What I loved most about it was the size.  I always use the Ipsy bags, which are nice, but way to small to be functional.  This was was the perfect size and said both my name and initials.

 The sweatshirt

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At first I was hesitant on this sweatshirt because the initials were larger than I would’ve wanted.  When I put the sweatshirt on, I forgot all about it.  This is possibly one of the softest sweatshirts I’ve ever owned.  Also, loved the purple monogram threading.

The phone stand

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The last thing I received was the phone stand which I didn’t get much time with because it was quickly taken over by my parents because it was perfect for playing music in the kitchen.  This, in my opinion, was made very well and was at the perfect angle.

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