31 Outfits to Copy in July

Photo courtesy of areavoices.com

After I came home from college, I realized that summer starts off slow and before you know it, it’s the end of August and you’re getting ready to go back to school. Here’s some outfit inspiration to last you the whole month of July.

July 1

Shorts: Guess
Cardigan: Landsend

High waisted shorts are the staple piece of my summer outfits because they are the perfect excuse to wear a crop top.  Summer nights (at least where I live) get cold, so always leave a cardigan or sweater in your car just in case.

July 2

Dress: ASOS

I feel like everyone thinks maxi dresses are too fancy for a summer day, but they couldn’t be more perfect.  Also, they are extremely comfortable and you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect shoes.

July 3

Tank: Guess
Skirt: Torrid

This season is all about lace up tops and high neck sleeveless tops. One of the biggest struggles with high neck tops is finding the right bra so you don’t have any straps showing.  Instead of wearing a strapless bra, because let’s be honest those are uncomfy af, wear a bralette.

July 4

Dress: SSense 

This dress is absolutely perfect for a 4th of July cookout. What I love about this dress is the pattern, it’s small enough that it is not overwhelming.

July 5

Dress: Garnet hill

Silky shift dresses are one of my favorite things to wear in the summer.  The reason being, July could not be more hot and uncomfortable, but this dress is perfect for a warm summer day.

July 6

This beach cover up is perfect for any beach day, its cute design and colors will make your beach day even more enjoyable.  

July 7

Dress: Nordstrom

My two favorite colors in the summer are blue and white, and when they match up together, they are even more amazing.
P.s. Nordstrom, if you’re reading this, help a broke college student out.

July 8

Dress: Leggsington

At first I wasn’t a fan of the trend with the cut out in the front, but in my opinion, it is a cute way to add a little sex appeal to a dress that would be basic without it. 

July 9

Dress: Tobi

This is a perfect outfit for a summer wedding on a Saturday afternoon.  Blue is a great color to wear at a wedding because it doesn’t clash with anyone, also brides tend to go with purples and pink for bridesmaids.

July 10

Tank: Tank
Skirt: Bonanza

The best way to add a little spunk to a classic outfit is to add a pattern and have the other piece of your outfit a neutral color. 

July 11

Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters

Monday are meant to be lazy, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t also be a day to look very fashionable.  Crew neck sweatshirts are the best way to stay warm while also being extremely adorable.

July 12

Shirt: Revolve 
Pants: Vinyard Vines

I am absolutely obsessed with these pants. I have a pair like this but I never thought about wearing heels with them.  I think this is the perfect outfit for a night out in the summer, it’s sexy while also being cute.

July 14

Skirt: ASOS

Off shoulder shirts are an great addition to your summer wardrobe and paired with a pleated skirt, your outfit could not be more perfect.

July 15

Dress: Tobi

What I like about this outfit is how unique the dress is.  It takes an interesting spin on color blocking by making a pattern block.

July 16

Skirt:Shop bop

This skirt is absolutely amazing, and kinda an allusion at the same time. What I love about this outfit is all the different colors and prints, which you would think would take over the outfit, but is actually flattering.

July 17

Romper: Oasap

Rompers are perfect for those hot days, and they make your outfit look extremely complete with just a simple one piece outfit. 

July 18

Dress: Modcloth

Everyone should have at least one floral summer dress in their closet.  One of the most underrated shoes for dresses is a cute pair of sneakers. 

July 19

Skirt: revolve

Pastels are not just for spring, they are also perfect for those sunny days and warm nights in the summer. Also, lighter colors show off a tan the best!

July 20

Shift dresses are one of my favorite styles.  They are a great way to show off your shape, while also showing off your legs.

July 21

Dress: ASOS

This is a great dress for a July wedding that is a little more fancy.  Your hair is tied back and away so you can dance all night.

July 22

Shirt: Macys 

 My favorite part of this outfit is the lace detail on the arm of this shirt; I also love these lace up heels.  Whenever you wear jeans in the summer, always cuff them, it is an easy way to add style to your outfit. 

July 23

Tee: Etsy 
Skirt; Jcrew

If you ever want to make your outfit look very chill, always wear a cute shirt with a tee shirt tucked in.  What I love about this style is it shows off your waist and arms. 

July 24

Tee: revolve

Muscle tees are great for summer days that are too hot to handle.  They have great ones that will not remind you of the Planet Fitness commercials.

July 25

Tee: Rag Bone

This outfit is very simple, and yes maybe a little basic, but there is nothing wrong with dressing classic.  Also, I love the leather jacket. 

July 26

Jeans: Barneys
Heels: Macys
Blouse: Old Navy

Kimonos are a great way to add some flow to your outfit in the summer.  They are also a way to add an interesting print. 

July 27

Dress: Nordstrom

Yellow is one of the hardest colors to pull off without looking like a character at an amusement park. The trick is accessorizing as best you can with neutral colors.

July 28

Body suit: Etsy
Shorts:  Revolve

Graphic t-shirts are no longer something that was for when you were in 5th grade.  They are coming back and are more popular than ever. 

July 29

Jeans: Express
Jacket: Urban

This is a great example about how to mix neutrals, while also having a pale pop of color.  With neutrals you don’t want to distract from them, therefor go for a light sweet color.    

July 30

Blouse: LL Bean
Jeans: Gilt
Heels: Ann Taylor

What makes this outfit is the shoes and the cross body bag.  Adding one or two color pieces to any outfit can completely take it to the next level.

July 31

Top: Maycool
Shorts:Jc Penny

Scallop anything in my opinion is a summer must, whether it’s a skirt, dress or shorts, they are perfect to make your outfit super chic. 

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