Jade Bloom Oils Review

Photo courtesy of vimeo.com
Jade Bloom Oils was created to deliver health, happiness, and healing to everyone.  They make the highest quality oils at the lowest cost.  They are all natural and organic.  I found out about this company through Instagram, and let’s just say, my time was not wasted on social media that day.  
One of my biggest concerns is having healthy hair. There’s nothing I love more than being blonde, but it destroys my hair and makes it not “shampoo commercial” worthy.  I bought their lavander and rosemary oils and after a few nights saw results in my hair.  

Oil is very good for healthy hair and for hair growth.  I applied the oils to the end of my hair overnight, then massaged it into my scalp in the morning.  This keeps the ends healthy and massaging your scalp with oil promotes hair growth.  
Photo courtesy of jadebloom.com
The other two products I tried was their lemongrass deodorant and their blood orange soap.  One thing many people don’t know is the importance of using a deodorant with the least amount of chemicals. Non-organic deodorant has been connected to Alzheimer’s.

I had positive results with the soap and also the deodorant.  When using new products like this, one of the biggest concerns is that they aren’t going to work, but these were better than any other drugstore brands.  The reason being is the smell, it was light and didn’t have that chemically smell. 

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