When Pokemon Go Attacks Fashion

Photo courtesy of racked.com

It seems Pokemon Go has quickly taken over everyone’s life.  One night last week my friends and I were driving and my friends starts screaming that there’s a Pokemon outside.  I had no idea what she was talking about, but it’s a pretty addicting game which allows you to catch Pokemon in your daily life.

Photo courtesy of racked.com

While some people are walking around outside collecting these Pokemon, they are also taking over stores and malls.  Some stores even have to have signs that say “Pokemon are for paying customers only”.  People are now shopping at stores they wouldn’t normally because they want to catch a rare species of Pokemon.

Photo courtesy of cosmopolitan.com

People are going into stores to find these Pokemon and it is increasing the number of customers the stores are seeing throughout the day.  The local coffee shop in my town is a “Pokemon Gym” and is completely packed with people having battles with other Pokemon players.

Photo courtesy of petersaydak.com

Some stores are not so happy about this new phenomenon while others are embracing it. Forbes has even written an article about how to lure customers to your store using Pokemon Go. Sadly, for store owners the Pokemon hot spots are determined by the game developers.

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